Ulundu Kali (Black Gram Porridge) – A Must Try @Home

Ulundu Kali (Black Gram Porridge)

A mildly-sweet thick porridge that just slides down your throat, leaving a warm and comforting feeling. This is a traditional recipe from rural Tamil Nadu, and is believed to strength the bones.It is given regularly to young girls and pregnant women as they require a good dose of iron and protein, but it is also good for everyone else so the whole family enjoys it. While this recipe can be made as a loose porridge or as a thick one, kali traditionally means a thick porridge of an halwa-like consistency, so it is best made like that. Despite the intense taste and rich aroma of this porridge, it uses very little oil and no coconut. It is good to have as a snacks any time of the day, and a wonderful way to harness the protein and iron in urad dal.
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21 Days Lockout Period – How You Engage Yourself Healthier?

21- Days Lockdown : Diet And Workout Plan You Can Follow :

1. You can begin your day with squats and lunges at home. Skipping rope, jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, planks, side planks etc are other exercises that you can do. Else, you can even plan a fun play session like hopscotch with the rest of your family members and the kids in the house.

2. On rising, have a handful of unsalted pista (or any other nuts of your choice) or some khareek with some ghee.

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Things You Should Know About Wood Pressed Oil

Things You Should Know About Wood Pressed Oil

What is Wood Pressed Oil?

Wood Pressed Oil or Marachekku Ennai is known for its extensive health benefits. This method was popularly used in Tamil Nadu before modern machinery took over. Prepared naturally, Marachekku ennai retains the nutrients of its oil seed that is generally lost in refined and processed oil where the high application of heat is used to extract oil.

Wood pressed oil does not involve the application of heat, and is also known as cold-pressed oil. It is extracted naturally with a machine called the wood press. This machine grinds the oil seeds with a wooden log crushing it and the heat generated by this method is absorbed by the wood. This lets the oil to retain its natural nutrients.

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